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wearable weights for arms

Movido's Wearable Weights

We're movido. We created wearable weights designed to move the way you want. It's a zero-pressure, on-your-time kind of thing. These silicone-covered wrist weights are always on your team. Waterproof, sweatproof, feeling-proof.


Great question! Each weight is 1lb so the total set weight is 2lbs.

The total length of each band is 11.25 inches. We recommend measuring your ankles & wrists to double check sizing.

Yes! Our weights have removable silicone sections, so they can fit any size wrist! If you find that they slide around, remove a silicone section for a tighter fit.

Hand wash your weights with an all natural cleaner. Use a cloth with water or mild soap – dish or hand soap works great! Let it air dry completely & try to avoid anything with essential oils.

Traditional weights limit your range of motion, preventing you from using your hands, and interrupting your workout each time you pick them up or put them down. Not so with movido weights!

Our weights fit seamlessly into your movement-based lifestyle.

When traveling domestically, you can carry on your weights. You may want to remove them from your bag at security, like your laptop, to make them visible.

Please exercise best judgment when traveling internationally with your Movido weights. TSA may confiscate them at their own discretion.

  • ★★★★★

    “I love these weights! They’re the perfect addition to my yoga practice. I’ve been using them a lot for inversions and balancing poses. They’re adjustable, study, and the colors are cute!”

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    “Love love love! So comfy & accessible! Excited for it to get nicer out so I can take these on my outdoor runs with me or even do a fun workout at home!”

  • movido

    “Most amazing wrist weights! I've been looking for cost-efficient wrist weights for awhile now and have yet to find any of this quality.”

    Carly V.

    “Great wearable weight to add resistance to my weekend hikes.”

    Connor G.