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Self-care, in motion

Movido's adjustable wrist and ankle weights are designed to move the way you want. Be good to you!

Move the way you want

It's a zero pressure, on your time kind of thing.

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    Whether your body is calling for yoga, walking, HIIT workout-ing, or just lounging, we've got you covered.

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    Restorative movement is essential to our heath and well-being. Align movement with mindset.

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    The movement accessory of your dreams. Our weights are TSA-friendly and carry-on approved, so you can easily stay on track.

your body knows best

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We came into this space with the belief that wellness is in the little details. You find it in a 20-minute walk or a short meditation. It's in a gentle yoga flow or connection with your community.

Mostly, wellness is present when we slow down. Our weights are a celebration of movement as a way of experiencing the world.

Whether you're lunging or lounging, we want to move with you.

we're so glad you're here