we stumbled into this space by chance.

But as we learned more, through business & personal experiences, we witnessed just how rigid the wellness industry can be.

We wanted to create a brand with a different approach to wellness, one that made space for flexibility and intuition.

We believe that mindful changes come about with mindful movement. We believe that intentions make all the difference and that wellness is for everyone.

Ankle weights for workouts

Inspired by intuitive movement and self-care rituals, we create aesthetic wellness products to support mindful change.

  • wrist and Ankle
    wrist and Ankle

    What do we do?

    When we're not thinking about the wellness industry and how to create products that make us feel more connected and present to ourselves, you can find us spending time in nature, walking, and cooking a good meal.


    Why choose us?

    You have a lot of choices, and we're not here for the hard sell. Our products were designed to make wellness work for you. It's a zero-pressure, on-your-time kind of thing.

  • What do we love?

    We love slowing down, connecting with our bodies, and enjoying the present moment. It's a lifelong work-in-progress. Our favorite way to incorporate movido into our movement is by adding them to our yin yoga classes.